My Life as a Photographer

Life goes on and well, I have been a professional photographer since 1987. Yep a long time. But hey! it does give me tones of experience and I have to say I still love learning on every shoot. My background is in art direction and design. To me I love to tell a story in every photo, I enjoy the graphic and colourful. As you can see some of my images are dramatic, with technically advanced lighting. I love being creative and coming up with fantastic images that are well just different to the norm. I enjoy working with people who love to take a risk, who are experimental and willing to give anything a try. I have found all this adds to the shoot and can create something very special and rare. With family portraits, I really focus on moving away from the standard posed portraits, yes they are nice but to me, umm they are a bit cliched. Certainly I am still happy to add these in every shoot, but it can be so much more. Lets bring out the personality out in the kids and make it fun. I would like to think that I offer something very different and that with some braveness you might like that too.

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