Professional Headshot 50% off - $150

BUSINESS - Everybody uses business headshots now as part of their personal brand. Set aside your experience, your CV and your skill set just for a moment. It is a well known fact that people buy from people and we can make that decision in an instant. So make your first photographic impression one that will engage others right from the start. You need a dynamic and individual headshot for business needs. One that people will remember and feel compelled to connect. Combined with your unique credentials this is what will set you apart from everyone else out there.

ACTORS - It seems obvious but you do need to have a good think about what you need in your professional headshot long before you have your headshot taken. Defining your personailty and model/acting personality needs to be portrayed through your headshot. Not only will these be helpful in communicating who you are as a person and actor, but will help me bring you to life with a specifically directed headshot.

TRADITIONAL V CREATIVE - We can create a look and style that suits your intentiions, if you need a standard business shot for industries such as lawyers, real estate, or any mangement role we know how to get the look that best identifies with your clients. If you are looking for a creative or artistic themed shoot, like some of the examples here, then we can develop a look and character to really make an impact.

THE OFFER - As we start the new year full of steam, it might be time to look at your professional business, model and acting headshot. Are you looking a bit out of date?

Well, now is the perfect time to upgrade your headshot with my new year special offer.

** 50% reduction. ONLY $150 - deleivered as a digital file.**

With sales teams of 5 or more shots, I will come to you and shoot at your location.

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