At his core, Tony is an artist. Starting out as a fine illustrator first, Tony fell in love with the creative process and turning ideas and concepts into memorable artworks. This approach has been Tony's signature hall mark in his photography work, combing the illustration skills with over twenty-five years behind the camera as a professional.

This unique perspective and skills ensures your wedding will be something very original in a world of cookie cutter photographers. Tony loves to work on "out there" wedding ideas, original and individual personalities of the bride and groom, willing to push the boundaries of what a wedding day is.

All too often a photographer is seen as someone who just captures the days events. Tony proposes a different perspective by specifically using my services to create artworks that last way longer then the wedding day. Let's be more than a photography service let's create something unique and individual that separates your day from anyone else.

Of course, Tony covers the day in a traditional way, documenting all aspects of your wedding day. Capturing all the fun and celebrations that become your treasured memories.

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